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Daily struggles are real.  We battle everything from exhaustion to financial strain to major loss.  Knowing how to deal with real life can be difficult in the moment and sometimes we can just use a little encouragement.  That is where One Day - Every Day comes in.  This short, inspiring email is designed to give you a point to ponder every day that will help you face those trying moments in life.  Your mental, emotional, and spiritual balance is vital to maintain.

Anointed Beauty: Salon ~ Oils ~ Ministry

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Josh's wife, Melissa Goepfrich is a gifted women's leader, speaker, writer, and the founder of Anointed Beauty.  She leads the ladies ministry at Warsaw Baptist Church.  Her goal is to help women find hope in Jesus Christ and to inspire them to dig into the depths of God's Word to become all that God has created them to be.  Through Anointed Beauty, Melissa is able to reach women on a very practical level as she ministers however God leads.  Whether you need a hair stylist, a Bible Study to join, or a speaker for your next ladies event check out Melissa's resources and contact her today!


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