Master Goepfrich is founder of American University of Martial Arts, creator and master instructor of Shinsei Mu Sool and president of Ambassador Martial Arts Christian Fellowship.  He has been involved in martial arts for over 20 years, including studies at the Sangrok Academy in Seoul, Korea. Josh teaches weekly at the Warsaw location and also teaches seminars all over the country.   

Sensei Keiser brings warmth, fun and a wonderful sense of humor to the class times.  His unique insight and teaching style allows him to connect with all ages to teach in a way that is simple to understand.

Master Goepfrich

Sensei Keiser

AUMA meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30p - 8:00p at:
                                   Hilltop Community Church

                                   2005 Fisher Ave.

                                   Warsaw, IN, 46580

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One of the main things that people put to the side is their physical health.  The AUMA helps people achieve their physical goals.  Part of loving God with everything we are includes being good stewards of our bodies.  We teach Shinsei Mu Sool, an eclectic martial art consisting of hard, soft, and weapon styles.

- 2nd degree Black Belt in Shinsei Mu Sool
- 1st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
- Training in weapons

- 7th degree Black Belt in Shinsei Mu Sool
- 4th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
- 2nd degree Black Belt in Shinsei Kempo
- multiple other rankings in various styles

- Forms:The Foundation of Martial Arts

- Weapons (Sword, Stick, Bo Staff)

- Sparring

- Laws of Learning for Instructors

- Lesson Planning for the Dojo

- Self-Defense (Men, Women, or Children)

- Energy Use and Flow

- Hapkido

- "Tai Chi" (The soft side of Shinsei Mu Sool)

- Risk Management in the DoJo